How Long Does It Take Between Ordering and Submission for your SEO program?

It generally takes just a few days from the time you order your positioning. However, the ball is in your court to choose the most important phrases and write optimized copy if necessary. Once we have received the choices and text back from you, we can fairly quickly optimize and e-mail to your Webmaster with instructions. We do not actually submit your site until the optimized page is loaded onto your server. Normally, the page loading is something your Webmaster does for you, so you must notify us of the proper time to submit.

How Do I Order Your SEO Program?

You first talk to us about your site. If your site is appropriate for our services, we need your credit card details to process charges before we begin. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Why Do I Pay A Monthly Maintenance Fee For Your SEO Program?

The monthly fee includes monitoring, reporting, and our recommendations for changes to your html code as required to enhance your search engine positioning. Your program development fee and your first monthly maintenance fee are charged to your credit card when your program is ordered. All monthly fees thereafter are paid in advance.

Your Program Sounds Expensive. Why Does It Cost So Much?

Actually, we’re pretty cheap. If you don’t want to work with us, we highly recommend Jill Whalen at Her fees START at $1,500 a month!

Can I Cancel The Monthly Maintenance At Any Time?

You may cancel the program any time after your site is optimized. You cancel by logging into our member area with your username and password. When you cancel, the next monthly billing will not take place. You will not receive a refund on any money paid-to-date when you cancel.

Can You Optimize Any Web Site?

Some sites, because of the design, just can’t be optimized for good positioning. For example, if your site is entirely flash or your main page has no text whatsoever, you are not a good candidate for our positioning. Sites that have little or no content or are just link farms are not suitable for optimization.

If you don’t have content and are unwilling to provide content, you are wasting your money and our time. In addition, we will not accept adult sites or any site where we feel the material is offensive or inappropriate for public consumption.

Why Don't You Offer Any Guarantees?

The only way you can be ‘guaranteed’ of specific placement for specific keywords is to participate in a pay-per-click program, and then it depends on how much you are willing to pay per click for your keyword phrases. Search engine optimization is somewhere between an art and a science and depends on too many factors we cannot control – site copy, incoming links, number of pointer domains, participation in link farms and other factors that may be positive or negative.