Custom Web Sites

Because different people have different needs, we offer a variety of Web site packages for your custom site. These packages are not caste in concrete. A package is simply a place for you to start in your quest for a great Web site that makes money for you in your particular market. Our custom Web sites are entirely flexible. Your custom site can be whatever you want it to be.

Our Packages

To any of our custom packages you can add pages, databases, extra pictures. In fact, you can add any of our bells and Whistles as well do it yourself editing, flash, or anything else we offer.

Each package includes a site graphical mockup of the look and feel of the home page of your site. Our chief design engineer will call you to discuss the mockup before we proceed with construction of your site. Additional mockups are available for an additional charge. Each package also includes a standard response form. Custom forms are available. And every site is created with search engine friendly code. That doesn’t mean you can skip SEO, but it does mean that when SEO doesn’t fit your budget, you won’t be entirely left behind.

About Us

From our beginning in 1994, we have specialized in custom Web sites for real estate agents and small real estate companies. Since then, we have created hundreds of custom Web sites. We do, upon occasion, create non-real estate sites, and we have added other products over the years:

  • SEO
  • WordPress Blogs
  • WordPress Web Sites

Getting Started

If this is your first Web venture or budget constraints are key, be sure to check out our Web Sites on the WordPress platform. If you are a current customer for whom we also do SEO, a WordPress site will cause you to lose your hard-won positioning which means we have to start all over so please consider carefully before you switch.