Our Sizzling SEO Program

At Sizzling Studios our search engine positioning and optimization program follows the rules laid down by the major search engines. It will get excellent results for your site within six months* without getting you in trouble with any engine. What we do is traditional, organic search engine optimization.

Why Six Months?

Search engines operate on a timetable. Theirs, not ours. The huge volume of web pages out there means a huge number of pages for robots to crawl and index. We can invite them to your site today, but they may not come for weeks or even months. According to Alta Vista, they get 300,000 to 400,000 submissions a day through their free submissions procedure. On some days, they get as many as 1,000,000. Now can you understand – given the fact that robots revisit old pages as well as brand new pages – why it can take them so long to get their work done?

Requirements For Positioning

Unfortunately, not all Web sites are suitable for our positioning methods. We cannot position your site if:

  • The site does not have full referrer site stats available and viewable through Web-based statistics program.
  • Your Webmaster will not cooperate in making changes we recommend.
  • You do not have full ability to make changes to html code.

What We Do

  • We ask you to send us a list of the cities/towns/counties you serve.
  • We recommend the top 3 or 4 keyword phrases to target with the text (copy) on the home page of your site based on our analysis of the report.
  • We may ask you to change the order of some page elements to satisfy the needs of important search engine robots.
  • We provide a list of suggested modifications to other site components which are likely to enhance your rankings. It is up to you and your Webmaster whether or not you take action on our advice.

When your site is hosted with Sizzling Studios, we physically make all the changes for you including installing metatags, installing the copy you provide for your first page, then optimizing for search engine spiders. When your site is hosted elsewhere, we send you a detailed list of changes for your Webmaster to implement.

The Monthly Service

We provide ongoing monthly monitoring and send you a report via e-mail on your positioning. We make recommendations – based on actual site traffic – for improvements/other subjects for you to cover at your site when indicated.

What You Can Expect

Every Web site is different. The positioning results you can expect depend on many different factors – everything from how much content your site has to how easily it is for the search engine robots to crawl your site.

What Our Clients Say…

“I can attribute my last 5 real estate transactions – listing a property for sale, helping a buyer purchase an investment property, working with a business looking for 10,000 square feet of office/warehouse space to lease and 2 property management assignments – directly to my web site coming up in the first page of a generic search.”

Something else. This past Wednesday I was interviewed for 40 minutes by a reporter for a business newspaper here in Miami The coolest thing about this was at the end of the interview I asked him how he found me. He said he did a search on the Internet using the keywords you suggested I use. My site has experienced a 767% increase in traffic since you started positioning for me.”
BV – Miami

“We have sold 17 units this summer. And that was at half speed…sold while getting my new agents trained, hiring an assistant, setting up our new office, etc. Those buyers are website-produced buyers ­čÖé And I couldn’t be happier. Thank You!!”
MW – Philadelphia