The selection of keywords is a critical component of any placement program.

About Keywords

The more general the keyword phrases, the harder it is to get good placement because those phrases will have already been used by many, many Web sites for positioning. Your competition will be fierce.

A word must be at least three letters and a phrase must be at least two words.

For example, a phrase like ‘real estate’ is a lot more general and difficult to position than ‘Naples Florida real estate’. If your phrases are too general, your positioning will not achieve the results you wish to achieve. There’s just too much competition. But remember, even a small piece of the very large pie that is the Internet can yield spectacular results in terms of site visitors. Our best advice: pick a niche and go after it vigorously! In the examples shown above, ‘Naples Florida Waterfront Condos’ would be a niche within the Naples, Florida real estate market.


It is illegal to use any words in your keyword phrases that infringe upon copyright, trademark, or service mark. You cannot use your competitor’s name or product names. For example, if you are a REALTOR┬« working for Coldwell Banker, you cannot use RE/MAX in your tags. If you do, when RE/MAX finds out what you are doing, you will most likely be sued.

Another example: If you are a Coca Cola bottler, you couldn’t legally use Pepsi in your keyword phrases. If you sell Coca Cola memorabilia, you can probably use Coca Cola in your keyword phrases. If you are a REALTOR┬« hoping to sell property to Coca Cola executive transferees, it would not be legal to use Coca Cola in your keyword phrases without permission of the company. When in doubt, get written permission. We cannot implement any keyword phrases that are not legal and/or appropriate for your business.