Sizzling Maintenance

General Site Updating

$25 Per quarter hour

Unless a particular task is specifically priced in another category.

Add A Page


Your material. Includes one photo. Charges for 2nd and subsequent photos apply. Some pages depending on complexity may cost more.

Add A Popup Page


Popup pages are cost-effective alternatives to new full pages when popups are used to show ‘expanded’ information.

Framesets for Off-Site Linked Pages


For example, framing your IDX link.

Add an Iframe


For more seamless integration of IDX.

Hierarchical Menu System


Free if included in package pricing.

Add XML Site Map


This is very important for search engines.

Standard Response Form


Custom Response Form

$150 to $250

Charges vary depending on complexity of the form.

Link Research


We will find appropriate links for your Web site resource page if you don’t want to do it yourself. Please note: These links are not incoming links for search engine positioning. They are resource links for your site visitors. While incoming links are very helpful in search engine positioning, there is growing evidence that outgoing local links are also important in making your site ‘authoritative’ in the assessment/ranking by Google.

Tech Support


Per quarter hour by telephone appointment only.