Sizzling Custom Web Site Hosting

Custom Web Site Hosting

$50 Per month billed quarterly.

You pay hosting fees from the day your domain space is set up. Setting up Web space space is not the same as creating a Web site. We webmaster only sites that we host. If you really want our design services but not our hosting, we can host during construction, and when the site is complete it is your responsibility to move it to another host. Your longest obligation with us is 3 months. However, we do have a 30 day notice policy for cancellation of hosting.

Parked Domains (also called pointer domains)

$10 Per month billed quarterly.

Please note: pointer cancellation requires 30 day notice. There is no charge for pointer domains where you set up forwarding at the registrar. Pointer domain charges apply only if we are required to host the DNS for the domain name.

DNS Switching of your Domain


If your domain name currently points to another server and you wish us to switch it for you, you will be charged a one-time fee of $25. You will need to provide us with the Username and Password to access your account at the registrar where your domain name is registered.